Incredible NEW video for: "City that never sleeps"

Creating an entire city digitally, Andy Bird the legend from the BBC delivers a masterpiece.

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Bruce Conlon - Audience Of One

The worldwide release of Bruce Conlon's debut album - Audience Of One

Spanning 2 years, 2 hemispheres and the 3 parts of the globe in US, Europe and the South Pacific - the stunning debut album 'Audience of One' from 'Eight's Bruce Conlon is available now.

Following the hit Long Lost Friend (video), and his latest single City that never sleeps, this revolutionary work has created an electrifying buzz across the globe, is available on itunes and on CD (from Amplifier).


City that never sleeps "City that never sleeps", Bruce's 5th single (YouTube)

It's For You "It's For You", Bruce's 4th single (YouTube)

Long Lost Friend "Long Lost Friend", Bruce's 2nd single (YouTube)

Two Worlds Colliding And the debut video for "Two Worlds Coliding", Bruce's 1st single (YouTube)

And of course you can buy the singles here: Bruce Conlon - Audience of One and Amplifier

The following songs are from Audience Of One by Bruce Conlon - Audience of One (click a song name in the player below to listen)